About us

Learn our little story.

AP Enterprises is an independent private Enterprises Management firm. We provide Enterprises management and services to individual and institutional partners.

We are focused on Enterprises management, with an entirely owned registered firm, Aspired Pioneers Electronics Trading Ltd. (AP Enterprises) that advises our owned Enterprises, Brands and eligible institutional. AP Enterprises is a brand name the firm uses to represent our sustainable, responsible, and impact investing practice. 

Upon founding, we have sought to be an Enterprises and Investment management organization that works hard to earn the loyalty of both our partners and our employees. This loyalty is evidenced by the long term of our team of professionals and the equally longstanding nature of so many of our partner relationships.

At AP Enterprises, we seek to invest in comparatively high tech and manufacturing companies with an emphasis on longer-term business success. We seek to identify firms whose products and services have above average and sustainable growth prospects and are well-managed with high standards of conduct, integrity, and transparency throughout business operations. We strive to hold our own firm to the same high standards.

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